Is Nelson Lawyer Nigel McFadden a Pedophile Minder?

Some analysis on the question – is Nelson lawyer (from the Phoenician root word, Liar) Nigel McFadden a pedophile minder?

Firstly, if you Google Nigel McFadden’s name, various allegations and proven cases of corruption surface, but nothing about being a pedophile minder per se.

In this case we found, he was convicted and fined for deception and fraud – but no specific mention of protecting pedophiles :

The man is clearly a crook- but why the question – is Nigel McFadden a pedophile minder?

Last week in Nelson, the bent lawyer/liar, Nigel McFadden served defamation papers on a well known and valued member of the Nelson community, for allegedly sharing a post on ‘social’ media website Facebook which it is claimed defamed the local National Party MP Nick Smith.

The post is actually of a billboard/ poster that has been doing the rounds a lot in recent months on Facebook. We stop short of re-posting it here, but it states that 5 sitting NZ MP’s have name suppression for child sex abuse and highlights the fact that the public do not know which of their MP’s are kiddie fiddlers, given so many of them are, and because all of  their names are suppressed. It could by any of them. The poster also has a picture of National Party MP Nick Smith on it.

The Daily Commie would like to state here that we have seen no evidence that MP Nick Smith is a kiddie fiddler, only the rumours circulating around Facebook about his close ties to local Nelson businessman Dan Dolejs and the ‘new age’ church next door to his electorate office.

It is often suggested that if anyone wanted to guess which NZ MP’s have name suppression for child abuse, you would simply need to look at the portfolios they have been given to manage. As we have seen in the Westminster scandal, pedophilia is the means by which many Crown agents are bribed and controlled. Those who get the dirtiest jobs are probably the ones to be most suspect of. Which portfolios in NZ are the least ‘pure’ or in the most ‘crisis’ so to speak, is however a matter of personal opinion and certainly not concrete evidence of any particular MP being a pedophile.

The Daily Commie therefore concludes that it appears to be pure speculation and rumour that National MP Nick Smith might be one of these MP’s. There is no hard evidence, and even if there was, it would be illegal to publish it given the names are suppressed.

Now back to the original question – is Nelson lawyer/ liar Nigel McFadden a professional pedophile minder given he is serving papers on people for sharing a billboard that seems to link Nick Smith to the 5 MP’s with name suppression for child abuse?

The answer is quite obviously that if such allegations were true, then yes, the corrupt Nigel McFadden would be operating as a minder for a pedophile ie) helping them keep their pedophilia secret and out of the public arena. Given that we have however seen no hard evidence that any of these rumours are in fact true, then we cannot seriously conclude that Nigel McFadden is a professional pedophile minder.

As stated, the Daily Commie in no way wishes to suggest that the corrupt lawyer/ liar Nigel McFadden is in anyway involved in the protection of pedophiles or pedophile rings in the Nelson community. The issue has arisen purely based on his actions snooping around the Nelson Market threatening honorable members of the community with legal action and given that where there is smoke there is usually fire, the Daily Commie thought it best to analyze the motives for such behavior.

Our conclusion being, there is no hard evidence that lawyer Nigel McFadden is a professional protector of pedophiles in the Nelson community. It is possible that he has seen through his days of ripping his business partners off and committing fraud, and now simply spends his time trying to help people and contribute to the Nelson community in a positive and productive way.


Nelson Lawyer – Nigel McFadden – even though he has beedie little eyes and looks a little strange – there is no evidence that he is involved in the protection of pedophiles in the Nelson Community.




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